“The workshop on Saturday was great thank you for a great day. The top fits really well I’m amazed at the difference a good pattern makes. Once again thanks for a great workshop”.
by Jude

“Having been introduced to Lucy’s craftsmanship by a fellow latex fan, I was keen to discover whether I might acquire some skill myself so signed up to a Triple L Beginners Workshop. As a complete novice with no previous experience, I was amazed that with the expertise and patience of Lucy, I ended the day with a complete new latex outfit in the colours of my choice. So happy was I, that along with another student, I signed up recently to the Intermediate Workshop and left at the end of the day with a beautiful bespoke jacket that would have cost hundreds to buy. In the words of the retro sitcom: I Love Lucy!”
by Miss Olympia

“I had an absolutely fabulous time at Lucy’s workshops. She made the whole process of learning how to make latex clothing easy and enjoyable. Due to the small group number, I felt I was able to get all the attention I needed with the trickier parts of my outfit. She also showed us how to alter our patterns to make something different at home! The whole day was very well constructed and a very reasonable price! I shall be booking a place on all her workshops in the future!”

“I can’t recommend Lucy’s Latex workshops too highly. I have taken classes with other people and taught crafts/art skills myself and in my view, Lucy is the most proficient and most skilled teacher I have come across. Not only do you leave with a well made and designed item that is attractive and wearable, you also are taught how to produce items in a professional manner. Since completing the corset workshop I have designed and made my own corsets with confidence, as well as making them for others.”
by Caroline

“just arrive back home in Liverpool after getting up very very early this morning and travelling to one of Lucy’s workshops, I cant recommend it enough, the other two people on the course where so friendly and Lucy made us feel welcome, and with her time, patience and knowledge she was able to help us all achieve the outcomes we wanted, if your not sure if the course is right for you then BOOK IT NOW, its a great day out, you’ll learn more than you thought you could learn and come away with a fantastic and sexy outfit. I LOVE LUCY”
by Paul

“The workshops are fantastically good value and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

“I have done workshops with Lucy and I have to say that Lucy’s workshops are amazing value as you will leave with beautifully made fitted and wearable items of clothing. I felt that I had some skills before I did Lucy’s workshop but really was able to refine them and improve dramatically.  Lucy is a superb teacher and works constantly with each participant to correct and help with every detail of the learning process.”

“I want to thank you for last Saturday , i really enjoy this day with you to learn a lot of things”

“I can vouch that I’m a very happy customer. Lucy is a great teacher :)”

“I spent a few hours at Laceduplucy’s studio to brush up on my self-taught methods, and found it an entirely positive experience. Highly recommended.  I always will recommend Lucy’s workshop. I found it a very good use of my time and funds.”

“At Lucy’s workshop you actually come home with an outfit and the pattern so you can make more. I’ve been on 3 of Lucy’s workshops and I can’t recommend them highly enough!!!!”

“Lucy’s are by FAR the best workshops around.”


“I have learnt loads from Lucy.  Well worth going to a few workshops.”
by Zac


” I just want to say thank you for today. It was certainly an eye opener to make those garments and I enjoyed myself very much. Also I am really pleased that I made the choice that I did and tackle the curving seams. Thank you again”